Skeletal Map – Medical Animation

Introducing Skeletal Map – After Effects Medical Animation

There are many opportunities for different videos with this one. Modular After Effects Medical Animation Project.
Ribs to skull, Spine to Rib, Feet to Shoulders, It’s very likely that each one will have a different need for this item.

Included are 2 sample projects.

One with 3 Tracked text placeholders and 1 Tracked image placeholder, the other with 4 Tracked Image placeholders without Text.
You can modify the different close ups to go in various body parts / different order.
The perfect foundation to build your medical/health/educational presentation, video explainer, or infographic commercial upon.

Source files are based on a 10 second loop with 2.5d locators that you can place text or images on.
Ambient Occlusion, Shadow, Alpha and Depth passes too.
Rendered in 2k height, this project enables you to point any part of the body from Skull to toe 😉 , extract information or visualize processes
in a great infographic animation.

suitable for anatomy, chemistry, science, pharmaceuticals, doctors, physicians, massage therapists, and so many others who I can’t actually imagine 😉

Featuring a 1920 pixels high 10 second loop. Loopable Skeleton pre passes such as Shadow, Diffuse, Depth and AO, Alpha channel and Color controllers within the project.

based on an incredible mesh by Amardeep

an incredible soundtrack by Bluefox music


  • 2 Different versions of After Effects CS5 Project, One with 3 Tracked Placeholder and 1 Image, the Other with 4 Image Placeholders
  • 4 Quicktime MOV files of Alpha enabled pre-renders, shadow, diffuse and depth in 1080x1920px, 24FPS
  • 1 Click Color controller to quickly change elements/shadow colors
  • Bullets, Lines, and all Typographic elements etc are all in Separated placeholders within the project
  • Font used is arial and times new roman which come by default
  • Loopable and modular so you can easily create your own Medical,Physical, Educational or Anatomy based video
  • Soundtrack used by BluefoxMusic – Get with it

Loopable project with a color controller

After Effects Medical