Intriguing – Trees of Knowledge

Intriguing – an all new Epic Whimsical Opening sequence

Intriguing – Trees of Knowledge is a Magical title sequence / opener for various events and causes.
With a wonderful specifically tailored soundtrack from Soundroll – Magic Orchard (Link coming shortly! Track still under review in Audiojungle)
This Opener is enriched with Epic, Magical typography and wonder.
It contains a Wiper / Transition that “wipes” right into the Footage / Photo.
Additionally included is a one click color control so you could easily customize the colors !
Project is Pre rendered hence the letters on the trees can NOT be changed

This Modular Project Features

  • CS4 Project, Alpha channel Included, Pre Rendered 30 FPS.
  • 1:00 Minutes Long, over 2 Logo and 17 Text Placeholders.
  • Plugin-free, No plugins are required!
  • One click color controller. Change Text, Trees, Light Leaks & Background colors
  • Custom made soundtrack by Soundroll. Link posted shortly
  • Separate Passes – Alpha / Depth where Bokeh is visible

Screenshots + Included Color Schemes