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On September 21, 2012
Last modified:March 17, 2021


Great usable After Effects Template, easy to modify and nicely timed to a beat. Fresh young design, excellent typography and good overall vibe. Including a Color changer expression so you could easily apply any color scheme to it, very usable! CS5 and above.

Bring the crowd to party with … Blackboard After Effects Party Template.

This After Effects Party Template, is based on the remarkable design by Indieground of GraphicRiver. This video is the perfect party, event, or festival promotion. Featuring plenty of text placeholders, great sync to a fun tune, smooth camera movement and a fun vibe. The Camera drifts slowly while the exquisite typographic poster unveils infront of our eyes, pounding beat to beat with the incredible track by Dirtyflint. The color controller expression works marvelously with the entire Project in After Effects, changing color schemes is as easy as it gets. Placeholders are created with guides within so knowing how to arrange your text is clear and simple. Entire Project renders at Full HD in less than an hour on a Macbook Pro early 2011 ! Talk about mad speed. The Depth of Field can be modified from within AE and it sure has a nice impact, especially at the start. The Logo Placeholder is easy to modify and once arranged properly it keeps the “texture” of the grungy blackboard and blending it nicely with the chosen color scheme.

This Project Features

  • 1 Click Color Controller
  • Easy to customize layout
  • Containing a free cel explosion HD clip and unrolling tape.
  • Over 15 Text Placeholders, 3 Video/Image Placeholders
  • Full HD 1920×1080 Comp. Everything within AE.
  • Sound music by Dirtyflint – Rapata Chapata

Final words

It’s feels way too serious to write something right now, so lets party on : Over 15 Placeholders for text! Over 3 for Videos or Images, Full HD, 24 Frames per second, Free Cel explosion sequence and Tape unrolling included! Just cause it was so much fun to make.

Review score: 5/5