Where is the Love

Introducing an Epic Romantic Slideshow

Love has been scarce lately, the world needs more hearts!
Where is the love ?
This 2 minutes, 20 second lovely slideshow is here to promote love.
Its pre rendered in 30fps, so no additional plugins are required.
Whether its Valentine’s, Wedding, or just a Sexy Photo album portraying compassion, affection, yearning, fondness,friendship or passion.
Hearts just “explode” and wipe through the screen, constantly refreshing the viewers eye with new images or photos.
Speaking of which, you can use up to 20 Photos or Videos, and 38 Texts or quotes in the pre-made version.
Pre-Rendered particles contain an Alpha matte.
You can re-arrange the Photo / Text comps any way you’d like, thus, giving you the flexibility to create an even MORE diverse video
This project can be easily looped and extended.
It contains an extra Transition comp to create a “Loop” between the 1 minute Camera Zoom out.

Presentation Features

  • Full HD Project, No Plugins required, CS4 or above 30 FPS
  • 20 Video/Photo Placeholders at 1300×1080, and 38 Text Placeholders suitable for one or two words
  • PDF Manual, Organized Project
  • Font used is Arial
  • Song by the extra talented Audiojungle master, BaumannMusic Keep it up – Female vocals
  • Photos used in preview can be downloaded FREE of charge from Unsplash