Twixtor Tutorial Part One : Incendium

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After much demand, I have released a tutorial explaining how I used RE:Vision Effects Twixtor to create the interpolated slow motion in the short film ‘Incendium’ by Danny Cooke and myself.

From the start, ‘Twixtorizing’ fire and water is an extremely hard thing to interpolate due to their unpredictability. However, I shall explain the main principles of Twixtor which you can apply to any video, and how to tidy up any unwanted warping.

Before you start, for best results use a shutter speed that will match your final framerate to avoid blurry slow motion. Also, use the highest framerate setting on your camera possible e.g. 60p, 60i or if you are using a 5D Mark II use 30p; The more frames Twixtor gets to play with, the better!

Hope you enjoy 🙂