The Lotus

Promote your Yoga / Spa / Meditation Retreat

ॐ मणिपद्मे हूँ
The Lotus is a a Tracked footage project of a Lotus in a Pond.
Flawlessly tracked Lotus flower for you to display texts, logos or even photos on
It contains a frontal mask to reveal your Logo and a Meditator. (Pre-Rendered.)

Easy to Modify, this project is in Full HD, 30 FPS and contains 3 Text Placeholders for your Texts / Logo
Sound is not included but can be purchased here:
Fonts used are Lily Script one and Dosis
โอมฺ มณิ ปทฺเม หูมฺ
옴 마니 반메 훔
オーム マニ パドメー フーム