Humility – Free C4D Template

Free “Peg Waterfall” Shot (C4D 12) Free “Polaroid Explosion” Shot (C4D 12)

Free Cinema 4D Project File – Humility

Humility investigates the forgotten art through moving images and melancholic ambience. Fully CG this Cinema 4D Template renders fast on any computer is highly optimized. Most of the work was created in post, de saturating colors, adjusting contrasts and levels and adding the final DOF.

Two shots out of 6 included. First, is the “Blowing photos” shot. Second, is The “Cloth peg” Waterfall scene. Both C4D files should be compatible without any external plugins, version 12 and above.

For any questions, feel free to contact me.
Role: Design/Animation
Music by Saint-Saens / Carnival of the Animals.
Optimized for fast renders – GI / AO Free, only 3-4 scene lights!! most compositing tricks in here were done using the Depth map and frischluft lenscare