Element 3D Demonstration

AE Tutorial – Element 3D

In this AE Tutorial, video Andrew kramer shows you the new features of his After effects plugin Element, element is a very powerful plugin that gives After effects users a whole new set of tools to add to their arsenal. It uses extensive OpenGL features and it requires a very certain type of OpenGL Video cards, we’ve attached the list of Video cards and requirements that are currently known to support it:

Video Card Memory:
1GB of video memory is recommended, 512MBs will work fine. and technically; 256MB is supported but is likely to create some problems.

Video cards Cards Supported:
Nvidia Geforce 8800 and above.
ATI 3870 and above.

Support includes Geforce Series: 9000, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, Quadro 4000 (4800), 5000

it came out July 10th, 2012 and its a must have for every AE fan out there, check out more details and get a huge %10 off click here for %5 and use this code: VCSUMMER2012 for an additional %5. It will get you a nice discount!, watch the video for further explanation regarding the plugin itself.
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