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On May 20, 2013
Last modified:March 17, 2021


Lovely fast paced corporate animation. Easy to customize with a Color controller to easily customize the look.
Designed on 3 Grids and Animated entirely in After Effects CS4

Spice those meetings up with Corporate Flyer – an After Effects Project Corporate Presentation

An Exciting After Effects Project Corporate Presentation with a rich profound look & feel.
** Update: Added a “Slower” version with less frequent cuts.Watch here

Introducing a Quick fun exciting way to present your images and text! This fast paced corporate presentation is visually intriguing and would make those meetings or events way more interesting! Bye bye beautiful clipart Powerpoint slideshows, and Hello upbeat Corporate Flyer! a new Sexy After Effects Project. Synced to Soundroll’s Big Beat Generation.

Modular format to makes it easier to replace cuts / scenes.

Project comes with a descriptive PDF manual containing a visual index to easily locate your media / video placeholders.
It also contains 4 Color schemes so you could easily modify your look.

This project is perfect for Broadcast, TV Openers, Internal Videos, Fashion, Photo Gallerys, Corporate and Company presentations and much more.


  • CS4 Project, Full HD, Built entirely in AE
  • No Plugins Required.
  • 5 Color Schemes to choose from
  • Slower Version with less Frequent cuts is included
  • Photos used in Preview are not included
  • Easily Customize with a Color scheme Controller
  • User Friendly – Detailed PDF Manual and Profile Page Support
  • Includes 3 Social media icons from Here, you can get more free icons here:

Color Controller to easily change 3 colors included + 4 Schemes