Twixtor Tutorial Part One : Darrienia

This is Part 2 of my RE:Vision Effects Twixtor tutorial, the most advanced Twixtor Pro tutorial on the internet. If you haven’t already, it is recommended you check out part 1 first to understand the basics of Twixtor.

Featuring an example from ‘Darrienia’ a short film by Danny Cooke and myself, We shall be exploring Twixtor Pro and how you can take advantage of open and closed masks to help calculate where the pixels should move frame to frame. Resulting in a far better interpolated image.

As always, before you start, for best results use a shutter speed that will match your final framerate to avoid blurry slow motion. Also, use the highest framerate setting on your camera possible e.g. 60p, 60i or if you are using a 5D Mark II use 30p; The more frames Twixtor gets to play with, the better!

Hope you enjoy 🙂

Link to Dennis Hummel’s Twixtor Pro tracking points tutorial :