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  • Be Unique – Pushpin

    Be Unique – Pushpin

    Introducing a new series of 5 unique logo reveals, This one is Pushpins, where the Camera zooms out fast and rotates around a group of red pushpins while a green one stands out in the middle. No plugins required.<br> Depth map is included so you can control the Depth of Field effect or Cancel it entirely<br> Sound used is from […]

  • Be Unique – Umbrellas

    Be Unique – Umbrellas

    Introducing a new series of 5 unique logo reveals, This one is Umbrellas, Camera slowly pans through a group of umbrellas towards an Umbrella which stands out by changing its color and revealing a logo. No plugins required.<br> Depth map included, Change the Depth of field from within After Effects<br> Sound used is the second (09 sec) sample from : […]

  • Be Unique – Pencils

    Be Unique – Pencils

    Introducing a new series of 5 unique logo reveals, This one is Pencils, a fast paced move of towards a pencil which has its other side standing out. Easy to customize, you can change eraser color with basic AE skills. One version contains a red eraser with a lens flare, other version does not use the flare. No plugins required. […]

  • Be Unique – Matches

    Be Unique – Matches

    Introducing a new series of 5 unique logo reveals, The first one is Matches, slow mo close up of burnt matches where one stands out. Easy to customize, change background colors, with or Without flame reveal etc. No plugins required. Depth map included, Change the Depth of field from within After Effects Sound by Dirtyflint – Hi tech 08

  • Blooming Flowers

    Blooming Flowers

    Expose your videos and photos with Blooming Flowers Modular AE CS4 Project. 30 FPS, 1080p. Pre-rendered flowers bloom, and reveal beautiful logos and videos on the screen. No plugins required!! Great for Wedding, Birthday, Events, Photo Gallery, Slideshow, Family, Fun, Diverse Happy occasions. Presentation Features Full HD Project, Fully Modular (Each scene separate Comp) 30 FPS, Pre-rendered and Combined with […]

  • CMYK Logo Reveal

    CMYK Logo Reveal

    Stylish, modern Logo animation After Effects CS4 + This is a CS4 Project, including Full HD Pre Renders. Including an Alpha, Reflection and Shadow Passes. Camera move within After Effects. PDF Manual Included. Organized and easy to use No plugins required and Sound track here

  • Keyboard Closeup Logo Reveal

    Keyboard Closeup Logo Reveal

    Introducing eCommerce Keyboard Logo – After Effects Marketing Intro Rich, w/ Long pan Full HD close up shot. This After Effects Marketing Logo Reveal includes an Adjustable Bokeh of a Laptop keyboard. Mixed animation of Pre-rendered CG QWERTY Keyboard with Plenty of 2.5D Placeholders in After Effects. It works with all languages/fonts and all expressions are universalized. The flares in the […]

  • Christmas Tree

    Christmas Tree

    — Introducing Christmas Particles Tree – Christmas After Effects Intro Animation Happy holidays to everyone, this is a pre-rendered Christmas After Effects intro animation / Project file of a Christmas tree generated by Particles. Really hope you like it, music by the great ScoringAudioGeeks Font used is Oleo Script Swash (Free font by Google) Download this project for free – […]

  • Globe Particles Reveal

    Globe Particles Reveal

    Unleash the infinite boundary of your Company with Globe Particles. Display connectivity, or World-wide acclaim with this exciting new particles logo reveal. Great for logo stings, International, Networking, IT, and World wide corporations. The Countries names can be easily modified from within AE. Colors can be adjusted using built in AE plugins (Hue/Saturation etc). Camera move is within AE exported […]

  • Abstract Fireworks Reveal

    Abstract Fireworks Reveal

    Introducing Abstract Fireworks Reveal – After Effects Fireworks Project Glad to display a new exciting After Effects Fireworks Project, Built mostly in After Effects CS4. Only the Particles are Pre Rendered. That’s in Full HD, 24 FPS. Perfectly suitable for a huge variety of companies, intros and logos. Featuring a 1 Click color controller and thanks to separated passes with […]

  • Broadcast News Template

    Broadcast News Template

    Broadcast News Template with 4 Easy to Modify Color Schemes. The Ultimate Broadcast News Template is here. Featuring an outstanding design, and an easy to customize interface. With an Intriguing Depth of Field, Beautiful color palette, and plenty of video and text placeholders, this puppy is all in AE. Making it a great return of investment. One of the nice […]

  • Physics of Awesome – After Effects Sports Pack

    Physics of Awesome – After Effects Sports Pack

    Modular Broadcast After Effects Sports Promo with Various Broadcast Elements. P.O.A is one of most amazing AE Template Kit/ toolkit for your Motion Graphics Stock Projects / Footage Arsenal; Slow Mo Explosions, Flares, Glossy Led Displays and High Impact, Fasten your seat belts and get ready for a bumpy ride, The Physics of Awesome is an exciting new Glossy, Sexy, Modular […]

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