Element 3D Transitions

This is a great tutorial by Jon E Hooper who’s re-doing the Element 3D Transitions from the Discovery Channel spot (Think Rotating Cubes and AO) re-brand using only Element 3D.

Here is a tutorial for creating transitions with Element 3D in After Effects. The effect is based on a tutorial that Greyscalegorilla did for creating the Discovery Channel transition effect with Cinema 4D and After Effects. This tutorial uses Element 3D instead of Cinema 4D.
I recommend watching both parts of Greyscalegorilla’s tutorials to get a better understanding of the effect. You can watch his tutorials here greyscalegorilla.com/blog/tutorials/how-to-make-the-the-discovery-channel-rebrand-cube-transition-effect-with-cinema-4d/

You can download the cube wall obj file here – jehdesigns.com/tutorials/transitions-with-element-3d/


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