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  • How to create an After Effects Template

    How to create an After Effects Template

    Creating an AE Template Creating an AE Template in Adobe After effects is an easy process, it could last anywhere from ten hours to one or two months. Of course it depends on the complexity of the project, and your inner sense of self criticism. I tried breaking it down to important key points and phases that could be used […]

  • Animating in Element 3D

    Animating in Element 3D

    Element 3D Plugin Review and After Effect Tutorial In this Element 3D After Effect Tutorial – we’ll show you an embedded video from Andrew Kramer where he shows you how to animate in his new game changing plugin, Element, he goes through the animation features, the element render engine, etc… This is definitely going to be one of the best […]

  • Optical Flares Free Coupon

    Optical Flares Free Coupon

    Your favorite Lens Flares Plugins and Optical Flares Free %5 OFF Coupon! Use the Coupon code “FLARES2012” to take an extra 5% off Lens Flare Products ! Good through September 30th 2012. To learn more about Lens Flares and their use throughout video productions, please review this great in depth article. Featuring examples and coverage of Flares. In addition, If you […]

  • Element 3D Demonstration

    AE Tutorial – Element 3D In this AE Tutorial, video Andrew kramer shows you the new features of his After effects plugin Element, element is a very powerful plugin that gives After effects users a whole new set of tools to add to their arsenal. It uses extensive OpenGL features and it requires a very certain type of OpenGL Video […]

  • After Effects CS6 Tutorial – Raytracing

    Another great tutorial from VFXBro Get Your After Effects CS6 Raytrace Swag on. More free AE CS6 Training on http://adobeaftereffectscs6.com/ Download This Project File and Practice Footage http://adobeaftereffectscs6.com/after-effects-cs6-tutorial-ray-tracing/ Enjoy 🙂 More about the New After Effects CS6 Features (3D extrudes, bending videos, and the Ray Tracing Engine) In CS6 Adobe totally reworked the 3D environment. Vector, Text, and shape layers […]

  • After Effects Tutorial

    After Effects CS6 – 3d Camera Tracking

    Motion Track Your Footage with a 3d camera solver in After Effects Cs6! the awesome talented VFXBro show you how to use AE CS6 new Camera Tracking feature, check out their youtube channel or website. More free AE CS6 Training on http://adobeaftereffectscs6.com/ Download This Project File and Practice Footage http://adobeaftereffectscs6.com/after-effects-cs6-tutorial-3d-camera-tracking/

  • After Effects Tutorial

    Toon Yourself – One of many AfterEffects Tutorials

    Get Updated on New Free Presets and Templates! http://www.facebook.com/vfxbro For More Training Check out http://www.vfxbro.com Easily animate yourself as a cartoon using a controller in Adobe After Effects CS4 and above. Free download comes with .png file, Toon.Yourself preset and After Effects Project File. Enjoy and share the love! ToonYourself Free Template http://vfxbro.com/category/downloads/

  • Creating an On & Off Expression

    Creating an On & Off Expression

    Ryan Boyle shows us how to use an expression that will turn on and off the visibility of a layer randomly, by changing its opacity to reveal layers underneath – creating a blinking effect.  

  • CS6 in 6 Minutes – after effects tutorials

    CS6 in 6 Minutes – after effects tutorials

    vfxbro gives a quick introduction and overview to the new features in AE CS6, for a more thorough walkthrough check out his website. Obviously, there are many new features and to get a real in depth knowledge of After Effects one would actually have to spend a few good years learning and mastering the software. Still, for Basic – Intermediate […]

  • Twixtor Tutorial Part One : Darrienia

    This is Part 2 of my RE:Vision Effects Twixtor tutorial, the most advanced Twixtor Pro tutorial on the internet. If you haven’t already, it is recommended you check out part 1 first to understand the basics of Twixtor. Featuring an example from ‘Darrienia’ vimeo.com/32156942 a short film by Danny Cooke and myself, We shall be exploring Twixtor Pro and how […]

  • Twixtor Tutorial Part One : Incendium

    Twixtor Tutorial Part One : Incendium

    Written by Elliott.G.Montello (https://vimeo.com/elliottmontello) After much demand, I have released a tutorial explaining how I used RE:Vision Effects Twixtor to create the interpolated slow motion in the short film ‘Incendium’ by Danny Cooke and myself. vimeo.com/21919856 From the start, ‘Twixtorizing’ fire and water is an extremely hard thing to interpolate due to their unpredictability. However, I shall explain the main […]

  • Color Correction Tutorial After Effects [The Right Way!]

    Color Correction Tutorial After Effects [The Right Way!]

    Check out this fantastic tutorial by Michael DeVowe An in-depth tutorial on color correction using Curves inside of After Effects and Photoshop. This method explains how to color correct most any footage “by the numbers”. It’s a bit of a science that requires only a minimum amount of understanding of RGB values. Please bestow a ♥ like or leave a […]

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